It’s a feminine day in the neighborhood

Nikki and Buster’s kids (the Mister Rogers litter) all turned out to be girls! Last year Buster sired boys by a wide margin, so I guess this evens things out a bit. On the downside, we didn’t get to name a kitten Mister McFeely. On the other hand, any day that you can name a grumpy-looking kitten “Anna Platypus” is a good day.

Speaking of grumpy-looking kittens, that’s just the luck of the photo shoot. We take a lot of pictures but the kids are super-mobile and not used to sitting in one place. Sometimes the only head-forward, tongue-not-out, non-blurry picture is the one where a kitten looks grumpy, surprised, or weird. In person they are curious little meepers who will  climb up your leg given half a chance.

See the Kittens page to see if any kittens are available.

Queen Sara Saturday (girl) – Just wants to pose perfectly. 

Lady Aberlin (girl) – No one told her there’d be pictures.

Lady Elaine Fairchilde (girl) – Likes to pose coquettishly.

Anna Platypus (girl) – Not a morning cat.

Collette (girl) – Ready for action.

Harriett Elizabeth Cow (girl) – Not a cow. 

Henrietta Pussycat (girl) – Something over there looks interesting.

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