Herding Cats

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, we raise our cats as part of our household, not in cages.  Since the fertile boys have to be kept separate from the fertile girls (except for their scheduled… interludes) we swap them between different rooms of the house on different days so that they all get the people time they crave.

Lately we’ve had some contractors doing some renovations on the first floor, and since we don’t want any of the cats to get outside or underfoot, we have to herd the cats upstairs every morning. They aren’t always the most cooperative bunch, but for the most part they respond to calls and the sound of their food dishes being put out.

Who says you can’t herd cats?

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Nippin at the cat show

While we were showing Pumpkin at the TICA cat show in Boxborough, MA this past weekend, we bought him a new catnip toy, and… the results speak for themselves.

Mmmmmm! Good stuff!

Oh, yeah, I’m feelin’ the nip now, baby!

I’m just resting my eyes.

As for his performance in the ring, Pumpkin made it into two Finals and earned enough points to earn his Championship title. Not bad for his first time out in the adult rings!

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One left!

Cayenne and Poppy have been adopted, leaving the beautiful Pepper as our only available kitten right now. (UPDATE: Pepper has been adopted!)

Pictures don’t do her justice.

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They’re growing!

Arrowroot went to her new home today, but these cuties are still available for adoption.

Poppy (female) (Adopted!)


Cayenne (male) (Adopted!)


Pepper (female)

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Are we not kittens?

Yes, we have kittens available. Meg’s litter is turning out very cute. Of course, we may be biased. Here they are! Allow us to introduce…

Pepper (female)

Arrowroot (female) (Arrowroot has been adopted!)

Poppy (female)

Cayenne (male)

And, lest we forget, the following ladies are ready for adoption now!

Donut (Update: adopted!)

Shadow (Update: Shadow has been adopted!)

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*sigh* The red-silver (cream colored) kitten didn’t make it. She was losing weight and didn’t have the strength to feed from her momma. We bottle fed her and she stopped losing weight, but she only lasted another day. We know that this happens sometimes but it still sucks.

The remaining for are sure getting pudgy, though…

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Introducing… the Spice Kittens

Nutmeg was right on time and gave birth to these five kittens on Easter Sunday!  They’re a cute bunch, and expert eaters, of course. Oh, and sleepers, too. They have that sleeping thing down pat.

We’re calling them the Spice Kittens, since they came from Nutmeg. But no, we’re not going to name them Sporty, Scary, and so on. But Cayenne, Saffron, Pepper.. those are possibilities…

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Just two!

We have two lovely little ladies available for adoption. They’re quite the personable and cuddly kittens, if we do say so ourselves.

Itzagirl Three


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Providence Cat Show, March 2009

We took Pumpkin and Maybelline to the TICA cat show in Providence this past weekend. Pumpkin is going to be a big boy — he looked like the large, economy-sized Maine Coon compared to the other 5-month olds.

Maybelline, of course was her usual charming self. Too bad you can’t get points for being cuddly!

After a round with a judge, it’s time for a little reward. Yes, I’m spoon-feeding her turkey baby food. These cats aren’t spoiled at all.

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Kitten still available, will guard your wine

We still have a girl from Gevalia’s first litter available for adoption. She is an experienced wine rack guard, and will keep your beverages safe from intruders. Until someone puts out some food. Or dangles something shiny. But otherwise, she’s a totally reliable wine rack guard.

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