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Wakey, wakey!

Tiger Lily’s kittens were napping in my seat when I wanted to sit down for lunch, so I had wake them. They were not pleased with me.

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Her name is Lola, and she has kittens

It’s another Weekend in New England, and Loa’s kittens are doing great. Even Now, after a tiring photography session they are as rambunctious as ever, and It’s a Miracle that we got any good pictures at all. Fezzik, the father, is Ready to Take a Chance Again with Lola, but this is her last litter …

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The Windy Litter blows into town

Lilly’s kittens are doing great! They’re eating solid food and easily mastered the litter box. Early on they did some amazing stunts that led to questions like, “How did they get a turd THERE?” Thankfully, they’ve settled into a more normal location. The kittens were born on a windy night, so we decided name them …

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Early, as usual

Tiger Lily gave birth to three kittens on November 12th (two days early). All are doing well and starting to walk. The last kitten (“Tiny”) was very small and we weren’t sure if she was going to make it, but between supplementing her diet with formula and an attentive mama, she is thriving, if not …

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Eye see what you did there

Mariah and Fezzik’s kids are doing great! They’ve graduated to solid food and have mostly mastered the litter box. It’s always entertaining when you walk in the room and they all come running up to your feet to check you out. We chose an “Eye” theme for the litter because they were born a just …

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Mariah’s first and last

Mariah gave birth to five beautiful kittens on September 3rd. All of the kittens are healthy and growing like crazy. Mariah took to being a mother very well, and the kittens took to nursing with no issues. The kittens are just starting to walk and explore beyond their nest a little. Apologies for the long …

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One for Nikki

Darling Nikki had a single boy kitten on February 27th in what is probably her last litter.  He’s just starting to walk and is growing fast (but then, he is getting all that milk to himself). Fezzik, the father had no comment other than that he’d like to try again, if only to prove his …

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The Cat Pack hits Vegas

Lola’s kittens are growing like crazy and are doing well. They have met the litter box and so far they’ve been using it. Smart kids! Overall they’re just a very active and curious bunch. When the kittens were a few weeks old, Lola moved them from the nest to a spot near the door to …

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Meet the Honda Litter

Starry Night’s kittens sat for their photos today. Well, if you could call it sitting. It was more like running, flipping over, and turning away from the camera. If kitten butt pictures could be sold as NFTs we’d make a fortune.  Maybe as cryptocurrency? CryptoKittenButts? Nonetheless, we got a few good pictures! In other news, …

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The Long Delivery

Lola gave birth to six healthy kittens on January 5th. It was a long, six hour labor, but thankfully she decided to pop them out during the day. All of the kittens are eating well and growing like crazy. We had to switch them to a bigger nest today because they’re just so chunky and …

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