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Nov 15 2009

Pumpkin in a basket

He’s getting bigger, but not so big he can’t fit into this little basket.

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Nov 01 2009

Here they are! Gevalia’s First Litter

Gevalia (aka Baby) gave birth to a litter of three bundles of fuzz very, very early this morning. Mother and the little sucklers are doing fine. We love the little stripe on the head of this one!

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Oct 23 2009

If you keep taking pictures, I will eat you! Nothing personal.

Pumpkin (no longer available for adoption, sorry!) likes having his picture taken, but after a while even he gets tired of it.

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Sep 26 2009

I am kitten, hear me roar…

Pumpkin (that’s his name) is reserved for a wonderful family, but we have another litter coming in Early November. Okay, it’s more of a sqeak than a roar at this point. But, look at him! He’s just getting up on his feet and starting to get mobile. He’s determined to start exploring…   …if his …

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Sep 20 2009

A real bruiser

He’s all tuckered out from eating and growing. (Yes, it’s a He!). With all of that milk to himself he’s growing like gangbusters, too. We love those tabby stripes!

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Sep 12 2009

Behold! We have kitten!

Purrnando (aka Miss Purr’s) first litter is a small one — just one kitten. But what she lacked in quantity her first time around, she made up for in plain good looks. It’s a beautiful red tabby… ummm… kitten. It’s a little too early to know the gender for sure. Miss Purr finally left her …

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Apr 07 2009

Introductions are in order…

Meet the kittens, now almost ten weeks old. Clockwise from left: Moonlight (M) adopted Moonface (M) adopted Moonshadow (M) adopted Moonbeam (F) adopted Moondance (F) adopted Tuckered out from a long day of playing and eating, they decided to hang out together on one of the cat tress. Luckily my camera phone was handy…

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Mar 12 2009

Super Cuteness Powers

It’s helpful to keep a camera handy around the kittens, because you never know when they’ll use their Super Cuteness Powers on you compel you to take a picture.

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Mar 07 2009

My, how you’ve grown!

Hey, aren’t there supposed to be five of you? Ah-ha! There you are! I don’t suppose you could tell me which way it is to the litter box? I don’t care what you say, I don’t have a drinking problem.  I do imitations. This is my “deer in the headlights” look! Whaddaya think? Interested in …

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Feb 14 2009


Nutmeg’s first litter is growing awfully fast. Maybe she’s feeding them heavy cream instead of milk…

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