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Has anyone seen our basketball?

Nikki is due mid-July, but she already looks ready to pop!

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Intruder Alert!

When I fed Jackie lunch I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a better picture of the kittens. Jackie was on the other end of the nest eating from her bowl, but every time I got my camera close to the kittens she’d rush back and we’d have a standoff, like this: Eventually, Jackie …

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Three kittens, some waiting

Jackie had three beautiful kittens this morning! It was a ten hour labor (starting around 1:00AM, of course)  but mom and babies are doing fine. Some mother’s shoot them out like a machine gun, but Jackie decided that she’d relax and enjoy the experience of delivering her last litter before she retires. All of these …

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Three for Jackie

Jackie will give birth to what looks like three large kittens next week! All of these kittens are reserved,

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