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Yeah, we’re just gonna be cute now

Jackie’s kittens are getting bigger! They are very curious and outgoing. They’re making great progress on the litter training, too. They are finally finished with that phase where they rub their butts on the floor and leave skidmarks everywhere. The floor ends up looking like a pirate’s treasure map, except the treasure at the end …

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Bed, Birth, and Beyond

Fiona gave birth to two very large kittens on Monday.  This is her first litter and she surprised us by insisting that she give birth on the bed… and she’s kept the kittens there ever since. We’ve been trying to transition them to the nest but she’s been persistent in moving them back.  We’re working …

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Better than nothing!

We tried taking some pictures of the kittens, but Maybelline was very protective of her kids and kept getting in front of us. Although the kitten’s eyes aren’t open yet they reacted to that anti-redeye light that comes on before the flash and they’d turn their heads. So, we got some pictures but I couldn’t …

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