Maine Coons as a breed are inherently good-natured, but any cat should be properly socialized. Our cats and kittens are part of our family. They all get to roam the house freely, though we take plenty care to keep the males and fertile females separated to avoid an oops!

Our Maine Coons get lots of play time and attention throughout the day, and also get to play with the other denizens of our home. Here are some pictures of everyone and their antics.

Cat down! Actually, Buster is just relaxing in a typically Maine Coon way.

Hemi is an altered rescue cat and Queen of the house. She’s 0% Maine Coon but
100% lovable. Hemi loves to fetch, and got her name because she purrs like an engine.

Gizmo had this strange personality quirk. She likes nothing better than drinking dripping water right from the faucet.

Fargo had a rough day, what with all the eating and sleeping and playing


This is how I keep my trim, girlish figure!

The neighbor’s sheep have escaped their pen and are grazing in our yard! I wonder if those are good eatin’…

Sometimes things just go your way at the cat show…

Norry was having a very good dream.

Our kittens aren’t relaxed at all.

Sure, just fall asleep on top of Flash, he doesn’t mind.


Sometimes they just like to crawl into your lap and fall asleep.


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