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Big Boy

Max is a getting to be a big boy! He’s not even a year old and he’s a very solid 18 pounds. He had his first date with Tribble the other day and we’ll know in a few weeks if he’ll be a father. Fingers crossed!

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We interrupt our normally scheduled kitten pictures…

…to bring you Lucky Strike giving me one of his patented extra-cute poses. These usually lead to lap time and a belly rub. Not that our cats have us well trained or anything. Perish the thought. Kitten pictures coming soon!  

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Merry Christmas!

Talisker doesn’t need a gift, just the bag…

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Fathers and Sons

Hey, how did the kid get the top bunk? Pumpkin is growing really fast. At this rate he may turn out even bigger than his dad, Fargo, who is a solid hunk of cat as it is. Meanwhile, Noreaster and his dad, Flash, do some male bonding whilewatchin TV.  

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Of course Flash is comfortable

“I find the reclining spinal twist position very relaxing!” He says. “Plus, I get to air out my… Oh, never mind, don’t have those any more.”

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