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Fertile Turtle

Pixel went to the vet for her X-ray today and she’s going to have seven kittens. She’s a fertile turtle! (Turtles… there’s a theme). Maximus, the father, was very pleased with his part in this accomplishment and looks forward to the next time. At least, I think so. I was throwing a toy and he …

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Starry Night’s kittens have firmly entered what we call the “potato stage.” They are just little, plump potatoes! They are all growing fast and becoming more active. Starry did not want to keep them in the nest but so far they haven’t tried to venture beyond the fleece and the heating pad underneath. All of …

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Wilson is available!

Update: Wilson has been reserved! Wilson is available! He had been reserved by someone who really wanted a black-and-white kitten but something about another kitten really spoke to them. As we like to say, “The kitten picks you.” Because of his little goatee we have lots of nicknames for him like , “Jazz Man” and …

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True Royalty

Since Queen Sara Saturday is royalty, we decided that her first litter should stick with that theme.¬† These kids are all doing very well and have easily transitioned to solid food. Also very important: They learned to use the litter box with a minimal period of “thinking outside the box.” Maybe it’s their refined royal …

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That was quick

Starry Night gave birth to five beautiful kittens starting on Thursday, October 3rd at 11:37PM and finishing¬† and hour later at 12:37AM on Friday.¬† The delivery went very smoothly and all of the kittens are doing great. Maximums, the father, must have sensed something was up. He was hovering outside her door just before just …

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