A Long Morning

Lola gave birth to three kittens this morning. Unfortunately, the second one was stillborn.

Lola gave birth to the first kitten two days late and at around 3:00AM (just her the last two litters). She wasn’t pushing or distressed, but when the second kitten hadn’t come by 6:00AM we decided to take her to the vet.

X-rays showed the remaining kittens were positioned fine, but the ultrasound only showed one kitten heartbeat. We were prepared for a Caesarian section, but after a shot of oxytocin the second kitten moved closer to the exit. After another shot both kittens emerged naturally. The second kitten didn’t make it, as we kind of expected.

Very good eaters

Lola and her two kittens are home now and doing fine. They are very hungry and their mama is very protective. We brought her some lunch and when we started taking pictures of the kittens she rushed back, growled, and generally got between us and her babies.

Lola is very protective, so this is what most of the pictures we took look like.

One room over, Nikki and her three kittens are doing great! They are growing steadily and are very energetic.

Meanwhile, in the next room over…

All of these kittens are reserved.

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