Available girls and why you want them


Harriett Elizabeth Cow

Update: Collette and Harriett have been reserved!

(I’m looking at the title of this post and realize that it sounds like an add for a bad dating website).

Collette and Harriett are fourteen weeks old as of this writing and available now! If you are interested in adopting please fill out a placement application.

People seem to prefer Maine Coon boys. Normally our litters are reserved even before they’re born, but Nikki and Buster’s all-girl litter changed things up. A few people decided to wait for a boy from a later litter.

That’s absolutely fine. People want what they want and it would be a disservice to the kitten and them if we didn’t do our best to allow for the right match. That said, this seems like a good opportunity to talk about Maine Coon girls and why one might be the right cat for you.

  • It’s true that boys are bigger, but girls get big, too, especially when they are spayed. Most of our girls grow up to be 10-15 pounds (though there have been some both bigger and smaller). That’s still pretty big compared to other breeds.
  • In our experience girls are more likely to be lap cats. They form stronger bonds with their people and become extremely devoted companions. Boys tend to be more gregarious and are chill with everyone, but don’t always form such intense bonds.
  • Female Maine Coons are smarter. Boys tend to play the dog-like “I’m dumb and I like everyone” card.  Maine Coon girls are very friendly as well, but they tend to be more clever and cat-like.


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