Chubby kittens

First the  good news: We have more pictures of Pixel’s kittens!

Now the bad news: One of them passed a day after they were born. (This is why we changed our process so we don’t take deposits until a week after birth).

The five remaining kittens are doing very, very well. They are getting plump and are already quite mobile. We’re always checking on the kittens but after one passed we were extra paranoid when one wasn’t near the rest of the bunch (Sometimes a mother will know something is wrong and push the kitten away). But no, these kittens just like to wander around the nest!

Pixel is a very devoted mother and is only now not completely annoyed when we check on the kittens or weigh them. For the first few days she would bat at our hands or give us a warning nip. Once she even growled a bit when we came in the room!  Now she’s calmed down and even jumps out of the nest to say hi (or more likely, “Got food?”) when we see her.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Kitten pile


Pretty girl

Always moving

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