Come and knock on our door…

Update: Chrissy decided that he’s a boy! We’re very supportive of his gender choice, whatever it may be. Okay, we might have mis-identified his gender a few weeks ago, but in our defense his testicles haven’t descended yet so it’s easy to get it wrong!

Lola’s kittens are getting bigger every day! One week they were crawling with their front legs. A week later they were running around the room. Now they’re jumping on the chair. It’s the usual progression but it’s fun to see. 

Jack is particularly feisty, chasing after our feet and attacking our toes. He definitely wants to be an alpha male!

As for the theme for this litter, we decided that one with a guy and two girls would make the most sense, so… Three’s Company it is!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Janet (girl)

Chrissy (boy)

Jack (boy)

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