We opened up the nest last week so Nikki’s kittens could start to stretch their legs. Now, normally at this age their a little tentative about leaving their safe space, but not this bunch! Within a minute they were out and roaming the room, much to Nikki’s bemusement.

The funniest thing is that as the horde came out of the nest they gathered at my feet and meeped as if I were their Great Kitten God. Sensing my benevolence they then moved on to explore the rest of the room. Sadly, they have not yet heeded my commandment that the poop goes in the box and not on the floor, but I know that understanding will come soon.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Looks safe enough.

We’reĀ  out!

Quick! Before he changes his mind!

This way!


Kids. They grow so fast.

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