Our Process


We don’t keep a waiting list or accept applications until we have a confirmed pregnancy. We’ve learned that when we approve applications too far in advance that when kittens become available the applicants often have found kittens elsewhere or changed their minds. It takes a long time to review each application so we hope you understand.

Quick summary:

  1.  Cat is pregnant! We open up the placement application.
  2. Two weeks before birth! We accept reservations!
  3.  Kittens are eight weeks old! Pick your kitten!
  4. Kittens are twelve to fourteen weeks old! Pick up your kitten!

Full process (please read it, there’s important stuff here):

  1. Once we have a confirmed pregnancy, we open up the placement application. We review the application and if you are approved you are then eligible to reserve a kitten.
  2.  We open up reservations about two weeks before the kittens are due. Reservations are on first-come first-served basis and determine the placement order for kittens (first pick, second pick, and so on). This is also when we begin accepting deposits on kittens. These initial deposits are refundable up until the kittens are eight weeks old.
  3. When the kittens are eight weeks old, they get their first vaccinations and their immune systems have matured to the point where they are able to meet people. This is when when we invite you to come meet them and pick your kitten. This is also when you leave your second payment (and at this point the initial payment and this deposit are non-refundable). People often have a hard time deciding, or they have a particular look or gender in mind, but more often than not, “the kitten picks you.”
  4. Kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they are twelve to fourteen weeks old. You will receive records of their vaccinations to date, some food and toys to help with transition the kitten to their new home, and a health certificate from our veterinarian. We  require that new owners have their kitten examined by a veterinarian within three business days of transfer (so that we are sure that your vet sees the kitten in the same condition that our vet saw it).

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