Kittens in motion tend to stay in motion

Okay, I tried taking some fresh kitten pictures tonight.  I managed to get this one little lineup shot and then they all started to explore the bed.  Sweet freedom away from Nutmeg’s nest was too tempting and they started stretching their legs and making mad dashes for the edge. Eeep!

That’s my long way of saying that I got a lot of blurry pictures of kittens in action, lost track of which kittens I’d taken pictures of, and generally muffed it up.  Still, I got a few shots that are at least entertaining.

We’ll get some proper pictures up soon, I promise.

Are you lookin’ at me? Are YOU lookin’ at ME? You ARE?

Okay, cool. Just checking.

No, I will not look into the camera no matter how many things you dangle. The wall is far more interesting than you!

Action Cat!

Oh, sure, take a picture of the moving kitten while I’m sitting back here all still and cute and forlorn-looking. Some great photographer you are.

To the edge! I will not be denied!

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The Magnificent Seven

Here is the Nutmeg-Syrano litter in all their squirmy glory. Despite appearances to the contrary, they were pretty active while we took pictures, so I can’t say for sure if the pictures below represent seven different kittens or not. Probably not… Some were more cooperative than others.

Just starting to open their eyes!

I am kitten, hear me snore…

Hi there!

Oh yes, were posing for the camera now!

Did you want something? I’m busy napping.


High five! No? Maybe low five?

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A little early!

Nutmeg gave birth to her third litter a few days earlier than expected, but the delivery went fine.  In fact, she squirted them out rapid fire, which was fine with us since she started around 1:00AM on Tuesday. We’ll have a talk with her about her timing when she’s a little less occupied with feeding the hungry horde.

In the meantime, her quick delivery has earned her the nickname, “Machine Gun Megs.”

If you’re interested in adopting a kitten or getting put on our waiting list, please fill out a kitten buyer application and send it to

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Cat shows are tiring!

Talisker went to his first cat show (in Providence) and he didn’t win anything, but nobody expects much of a 5-month old kitten in the ring when the older kittens are so much more developed.  That said, he was very good in the ring and people really love his mackerel pattern.

On the first day Talisker was kind of wound up, but by the second day he’d gotten used to sacking out in his cage between rings.

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Let me show you my belleh!

It’s me, Nutmeg! While the humans aren’t looking I figured I try out this computer thingie.

Look at my belleh! It’s got kittens in it! They’re coming out in a few weeks!

Uh oh, I hear them coming. Maybe they’re bringing more food!

Kisses ‘n licks,

– Meg

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Random acts of cuteness

So, I’m sitting in front of my laptop when one of Maybelline’s kittens jumps up on the table, drapes herself over my arm, and goes right to sleep.

Now, cuteness is easy to come by around our place, what with kittens running around. But sometimes a kitten just raises the bar on cuteness to levels never before imagined.

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We who are about to be the cute for the camera salute you

They eat, they grow, they play, and they love hanging out together on this chair. Well, usually all of them do but one of them wandered off before I could get a picture of the whole group.

Anyway, here at last are the individual kitten pictures!  We have given them temporary names using the theme of silent film stars.  Because they are black and white and… in a fit of irony we decided silent films would be appropriate since their mother, Maybelline, is something of a talker.

One with the show! May we present…

Clara (girl) adopted

Barrymore (boy) adopted

Buster (boy) adopted

Zasu (girl) adopted

Lillian (girl) adopted

Faye (girl) adopted

If you’re interested in adopting a kitten or getting put on our waiting list, please fill out a kitten buyer application and send it to

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Merry Christmas!

Talisker doesn’t need a gift, just the bag…

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Ain’t we sweet?

Four of the six kittens have been reserved. Meanwhile, they just keep eating and growing, eating and growing. There must be connection.

Oh yeah, and sometimes sleeping.

If we look really cute for this picture will you let us go back to sleep?

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Cats on a couch

Time for a little relaxing on the couch.  We’re just hangin’ out. Nothing to see here. Move along. (From left to right, Got Milk, Purrnado, Patottie, Blush),

Tootie and Blush engage in a little mutual grooming. I’d say one hand washes the other, but it’s more like one tounge washes the other…

Blush and Gevalia decided they they would arrange themselves for a perfect portrait.

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