Pixel makes it look easy

Pixel gave birth to seven lovely kittens last night over the course of three hours. She was a little stressed out but knew exactly what to do and pumped out a kittens at a mostly regular pace. They were popping out every 15-30 minutes. The 6th took about 50 minutes, just long enough for us to get a little worried before we saw the head. (That isn’t actually an especially long time, but when she sets a precedent with the first five you get expectations).

The kittens are all doing fine this morning . Pixel gets very anxious when we take the kittens out for weighing, so we are trying our best not to disturb her. She started to go into labor under the bed before we moved her to the nest and we don’t want her to move the babies.

Even after all this time we’re still learning new tricks.  We always drape a fleece over the nest but this time we let it drape most of the way over the opening in the hopes that she’ll consider it a more secure location than under the bed.

Update: A few days after Pixel gave birth one of the kittens started declining and passed away. All of the others are doing well and are very chunky.

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