Seven Names for Seven Kittens

Well we finally gave temporary names to the kittens. Since there are seven of them we named them after the seven dwarves (how original, eh)?

One thing you should know, though.  Sneezy doesn’t actually sneeze, Grumpy isn’t actually grumpy, Doc doesn’t actually have a doctorate, and so on.  Well, okay, Grumpy looks a little grumpy in his picture, but really he’s a playful, energetic little sweetie. They all are.

All of these kittens are reserved, but we have another litter due the last week in April!

Bashful (girl) reserved

Sneezy (girl) reserved

Doc (boy) reserved

Sleepy (girl) reserved

Grumpy (boy) reserved

Dopey (boy) reserved

Happy (girl) reserved

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