Sitting for their portraits

As you know, we take a lot of pictures of kittens for posts like these. It’s usually pretty difficult to get them to stay still, look at the camera, or generally cooperate.

Not Pixel’s kittens! Once they got into a pose they just kind of stayed there. They were just very chill. It was actually difficult to get them to pose differently. This is especially surprising for a litter we decided to name after famous explorers.  At an early age they would just wander away from Pixel (who refused to keep them in a nest) and drive her (and us) crazy. We expected this photography session to be rather kinetic, but they just rolled with it.  But we’re sticking with Explorers because “Famously Laid-Back People” just doesn’t sound appealing.

All of these kittens are reserved. 

Amelia Earhart (girl)

Marco Polo (boy)

Ferdinand Magellan (boy)

James Cook (boy)

Sir Francis Drake (boy)

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