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Meanwhile, back at Maybelline’s litter…

Maine Coons: Not at all relaxed, no-sirree.

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No problem

Flash doesn’t mind if you lay on top of him and fall asleep. Go right ahead.  

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Chunky Monkeys

The kittens are two weeks old and growing into the fat little milk balloons they are! We still aren’t certain what gender they are. We think there are three girls and a boy, but it is hard to tell this early. But at least we have pictures! I am the kitten who poses. You may …

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They’re late, they’re late, they’re late for a date!

Maybelline gave birth two four plump kittens late Friday afternoon.  It was a few days later than expected, but all are doing well.  We would have posted pictures before now, but Bella has been very protective. She is a sweetheart, but Bella has quite the fearsome growl when she decides to use it. It looks …

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Well, Pippi decided to have her kittens a few days earlier than expected, so we have another six kittens in the house!  This is Pippi’s first litter, and she and the babies are doing fine. Like every new momma cat she is a little protective of her kids, but we managed to get a picture …

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The lineup

Maybelline is getting a little more comfortable leaving the kittens alone in the nest once in a while. so we were able to get some good pictures.  They had lined themselves all up in a row for our convenience, which helped us get pictures of their faces. They’re just opening their eyes! You should probably …

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Up all night

Maybelline gave birth to seven big, healthy kittens last night and into the wee hours. Look at those porkers and then imagine that she had those in her belly a few hours before. Yeah, it blows our minds, too. There is a lot of variety in color in this litter, even a couple of blues. …

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More pictures of the Champagne litter

We tried to get some good pictures, really! The kittens and Nutmeg had other ideas. For example, in the picture above that big blurry thing is Meg’s tail — but it’s the only picture with all four kittens even remotely standing still, so there it is! One out of two kittens not moving… I’ll take …

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Meet Rigel!

We have a new boy in our home, and his name is Rigel.  We will be showing him soon, and if all goes as planned he will be the father to many, many kittens.  Rigel is a stunning solid blue. Pictures do not do him justice. (Rigel, by the way, is a giant blue star …

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The “Occupy Couch” Movement

We’ve let the kittens out of the nursery and into the main part of the house so they can learn to socialize with other cats (and get more time with us, naturally). Needless to say, they are making themselves at home… Abigail Tipper has found her place in the sun. Jackie-O Bess is in Feisty …

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