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They plump when you feed ’em

It’s amazing how big those kittens get after a few days.  They look like plump little furry sausages.  Maybe we’ll name the Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Andouille, Knackwurst, and Chorizo. Okay, maybe not.We have a rule about not naming kittens after food, no matter how tasty they look.

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Maybe’s Babies

Maybelline gave birth to five big kittens on Tuesday morning!  They quickly proved to be more mobile than the usual litter.  One of them crawled out of the nest within minutes and we had to put up the barrier.  These beasties were a little late, so they must have used the extra gestation time productively… …

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Did you get my good side?

Time to get some pictures of the Patootie-Pumpkin litter before they go to their new homes!  This sounds like an easy enough thing, but there is a certain technique, you see.  You can’t take pictures right after a meal, because at that point they’re all zipping around and all you get are pictures of blurs.  …

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On becoming a kitten

Now that the kittens eyes are open and they are moving around more, they’re graduating from being eating and sleeping machines to showing their individual personalities.  While it’s too early to say exactly how they’ll turn out, it’s fun to guess. “I only look guilty because you startled me.  I wasn’t up to anything, really.” …

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When they’re not eating…

…they’re sleeping!  We took a few pictures of the kittens while Pootie was eating her dinner.  Of course she had to rush back and defend them from our evil camera, but we managed to get a few good shots anyway. Brothers and sisters also make good headrests. It’s waaaaay to early to say whether any …

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All together now…. Awwwwww

Tootie give birth two three lovely little kittens on Monday night. This is her first litter and she is turning out to be a great mother.  She’s very protective and looks very contented when she’s feeding them. It’s already apparent that the little ones have inherited the snuggling gene…

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The Inside Story

We took Patootie down to the vet today to get her pre-delivery x-ray.  We do this as a precaution so we know how many kittens to expect on the Big Day. It looks like we’re expecting five! (The big dark thing at the top is poop, not a kitten). Seven days to go…

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I’m full of kittens

I am NOT overweight.  I did NOT swallow a basketball.  I am NOT gassy.  Well, okay, maybe a little gassy.  But that’s NOT why I look like this. I’m full of kittens!

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This is Pippi, one of the girls from the Nutmeg-Syrano litter. She has joined the family as one of our breeding females (when she’s old enough and we’ve given her that talk about the birds and the bees, the sires and the dams, etc.). In the meantime, we get to enjoy the kitten cuteness. She’s …

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Well-read Kittens

We’re just hanging out here thinking about what book to read next. Nothing to see here, move along! Are they gone yet? Okay, you keep a lookout while I explore back here…

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