The Deep Space Nine Litter

Nikki’s kittens are doing well! They’ve progressed to eating solid food and are kind of, sort of, mostly using the litter box. Although sometimes not. It’s important to watch our step when we go into the kitten room.

They are very social for their age, often scurry toward us when they see us, and don’t object to being picked up. That said, we had the usual challenging time getting them to stay still for just a moment for pictures. Also, we discovered that a couple of them needed butt baths. Eww. (This will be a recurring theme for the next couple of weeks until they figure it out). Now to wash that blanket we used as a backdrop…

We’ve been re-watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine this summer, so with that in our heads we have a theme!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Quark (boy)

Kira (girl)

Odo (boy)

Jadzia Dax (girl)

Ezri Dax (girl)

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