The Eclipse litter has their day in the sun

Update: Umbra is a girl!

What did the sun say when the moon leaned in for a kiss?

Eeek! Lips!!

That will also be Marie’s reaction to me for the rest of the week now that I’ve made that joke.

Because Nikki and Starry had their litter’s so close together people putting down deposits are choosing from both litters. So while we can’t say for certain if all of Nikki’s kittens are reserved, we can say that 9 of the 12 kittens in the combined litters are reserved. Make sense? I hope so!

Meanwhile, here are picture’s of Nikki’s kittens (Starry’s coming soon!):

Al of these kittens are reserved.

Umbra (boy)

Saros (boy)

Corona (boy)

Solar (boy)

Lunar (boy)


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