We who are about to be the cute for the camera salute you

They eat, they grow, they play, and they love hanging out together on this chair. Well, usually all of them do but one of them wandered off before I could get a picture of the whole group.

Anyway, here at last are the individual kitten pictures!  We have given them temporary names using the theme of silent film stars.  Because they are black and white and… in a fit of irony we decided silent films would be appropriate since their mother, Maybelline, is something of a talker.

One with the show! May we present…

Clara (girl) adopted

Barrymore (boy) adopted

Buster (boy) adopted

Zasu (girl) adopted

Lillian (girl) adopted

Faye (girl) adopted

If you’re interested in adopting a kitten or getting put on our waiting list, please fill out a kitten buyer application and send it to atlastcats@gmail.com.

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