We’re pooped

Pixel’s kittens are progressing like normal kittens, except for one thing.


Okay, hear us out. We know there’s a fair amount of poop talk around here, but it’s part of the territory. Kittens poop. Everywhere. But these little rascals never pooped outside of the litter box once. Not once. They took right to it,  Kittens often take a while figure it out, and we’ve had to keep adding litter boxes in all of the corners and places they leave deposit. Not these kids. They’re little geniuses!

However, we already had a litter named after smart people (they were also poop geniuses), so Pixel’s kids will have to settle for the Grocery theme we chose (because Chris was grocery shopping when Pixel started to deliver).

Here they are!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Hannaford (boy)

Kroger (boy)

Piggly Wiggly (girl)

Wayno (boy) (Wayno was a local grocery store)

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