At the cat show

Maximus (Max) and Frida had a good time at the cat show in Natick, MA this weekend! Frida made two finals and probably earned her Champion title. We’ll know for sure when we count of the points.  She’s still a little shy with the judges but as she’s getting used to the whole process.

Max is seven  months old and so was shown as a kitten at this show. He makes for an enormous kitten! Max didn’t make any finals but he’s learning how to interact with the judges. He’s also a real crowd pleaser (not that it counts for anything with the judges). Every time he was on the judging bench there were audible “ooohs” and “aaaahs” from the audience because of his size and color.

Can you believe Max in the kitten class?

Frida gets judged!


Max chills between rings.

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