Baby bumps

Pixel and Lily were hanging out together the other day and it was the perfect opportunity to compare their baby bumps. Pixel is due tomorrow (Sunday) and is expecting seven! Lily is due almost exactly a month later. She’s just starting to show a nice bump for her first litter.

It always kind of goes this way where for a long time the mom doesn’t look at all like she’s pregnant and the only indication is the pinking of her nipples. Then one day she starts laying on her side like Lily is below and you can see something happening. A month later they look like they need a permit for their wide load and you wonder why you ever doubted they were pregnant.

All of Pixels kittens are reserved.  We aren’t taking reservations on Lily’s kittens until we know how many she is having.


Pixel is now sequestered from the other cats in our bedroom and we’re checking on  her regularly to see when she goes into labor. Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly!

Contrary to the vet’s markings, those are kittens, not tadpoles or giant sperm.

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