Since Lola’s kittens were born on Christmas Day, you would think we’d use a holiday theme to name the kittens. Well, we did, but leave it to us to be weird about it. We named them after everything except Christmas!

The kittens are running, climbing, and playing and have at last mastered the litter box. That is to say, litter boxes. They kept finding new places to leave little brown mounds. We’ve found that a good way to litter train is to put a small litter box where they leave a deposit ¬†until they eventually get the idea. It’s challenging when they decide that “in front of the door” is a great place, but they figured it out eventually.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Festivus (boy)

Groundhog Day (boy)

Halloween (girl)

Mardi Gras (boy)

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