Eye see what you did there

Mariah and Fezzik’s kids are doing great! They’ve graduated to solid food and have mostly mastered the litter box. It’s always entertaining when you walk in the room and they all come running up to your feet to check you out.

We chose an “Eye” theme for the litter because they were born a just a few days before Chris had eye surgery.

Since they all look so similar we’ve had to put velcro collars on them to tell them apart. Side-by-side you can see differences: Iris, Retina, and Cornea are darker than Pupil and Macula (Iris is probably the darkest and Pupil the lightest) but that doesn’t register on the pictures unless you look closely.  Hopefully, as they get older and slightly less squirmy we can identify markings so the collars won’t be necessary.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Retina (boy) purple collar

Pupil (boy) green collar

Macula (boy) red collar

Iris (girl) pink collar

Cornea (boy) blue collar

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