Goodbye, Gizmo

She loved to drink out of the faucet.

Our beloved Gizmo passed away in Marie’s arms today at the age of fifteen.

Gizmo was the matriarch of the cattery and the mother of our first litter. Her lines are still active in our cattery via Starry Night (her great, great granddaughter).

She was a wonderful mother to her kittens (her daughter, Blush, is still with us) but she made it known with teeth and claws that she did NOT want to be a show cat (or get a show bath!). But if you didn’t try to show or wash her she was the sweetest cat you’d ever meet. She had to get her daily time in Marie’s lap, no excuses.

Gizmo had the face of a grumpy cat (before there was a Grumpy Cat)  and huge walrus-style whiskers that would have made her look distinguished if she wasn’t a girl. Her fur was so thick that you could brush her out daily and get a Munchkin-sized pile of fur out of her, day after day.

She had some health problems in the past year, but right up until the last day or so she was still playful, carrying around a toy mouse and making “Giz noises,” proudly displaying her prey.

Pretty girl, She’s preggers in this picture.

Gizmo was a great at cuddling

Gizmo was a very chill kitten.

She looked grumpy, but she wasn’t.

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