Jackie Blue, who are you?

We’re pleased to welcome Jackie Blue to our household as a new dam. She comes to us courtesy of Phil & Marjorie Berger (MaineVu Maine Coons) and Bill & Susan Lee (Coons Cross). Thank you to both catteries for this lovely girl!

Jackie is slowly adjusting to her new environment and getting to know the other denizens of our household. In the short time we’ve known her we have learned a few key things, however:

  • Jackie love, love, loves cheek and head rubs (I mean really, she leans into it).
  • She will roll around on the floor and chirp for no apparent reason. Either she is already in heat or she is just naturally happy.
  • She is excellent at finding new and interesting hiding places. How did she get in there? Even the kittens don’t get in there!
  • Responds to pretty much any nickname we care to think of. Jacks, Jackie the Jokester, Wacky Jackie, whatever.
  • As I write this, she is licking the door. Live with cats, embrace the weird. I think that’s my new motto.

I shall sit regally upon the yarn stash.

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