Kittens in motion tend to stay in motion

Okay, I tried taking some fresh kitten pictures tonight.  I managed to get this one little lineup shot and then they all started to explore the bed.  Sweet freedom away from Nutmeg’s nest was too tempting and they started stretching their legs and making mad dashes for the edge. Eeep!

That’s my long way of saying that I got a lot of blurry pictures of kittens in action, lost track of which kittens I’d taken pictures of, and generally muffed it up.  Still, I got a few shots that are at least entertaining.

We’ll get some proper pictures up soon, I promise.

Are you lookin’ at me? Are YOU lookin’ at ME? You ARE?

Okay, cool. Just checking.

No, I will not look into the camera no matter how many things you dangle. The wall is far more interesting than you!

Action Cat!

Oh, sure, take a picture of the moving kitten while I’m sitting back here all still and cute and forlorn-looking. Some great photographer you are.

To the edge! I will not be denied!

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