Logan, Violet, and a Cat Show

First things first! We’re incredibly happy to welcome Logan to our home as a show cat and future kitten daddy. He comes to us from Coons’Kin Maine Coon Cats in San Diego, California. Besides being a beautiful boy, Logan is was super friendly from the moment we picked him up a the airport (hence the name). When he isn’t playing, eating, or sleeping, he seeks out our laps.

Yes, he will grow into those ears!

This past weekend we brought our girl Violet to a cat show in Auburn Massachusetts. Although Logan is too young to show, we brought him along so he could get used to the sounds and smells of the show hall and staying in a hotel. He handled it all like a pro.

Meanwhile, Violet had a great show! She earned her Champion title at her first show a few months ago, and we’re pretty sure she earned enough finals and points to be a Triple Grand Champion. (Maybe a Quadruple. We haven’t done all of the math yet).

Violet is judged

Violet did well!

After the first day of the show, Violet and Logan relaxed with us in the hotel. Being a show cat is tiring!

Sleepy Violet

Sleepy boy


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