Lovely Ladies Seek New Homes

Update: Purr and Patootie have been placed together in their new home! We are thrilled that they were able to go together and are sure they are getting all of the love and attention that they deserve.

We have two lovely ladies who have retired from being mothers and are ready to go to new homes so they can get the dedicated attention they so richly deserve. Those of you who are interested in Maine Coons for their size, these girls are big! Almost boy-sized.

If you are interested in adopting an adult, please fill out a placement application.

Atlastcats Patootie Retired
a.k.a., Cutie Patootie, Toots, Poots, Pooty-Toots, Pooter, Pootie

Patottie wants your love, and she is darned well going to get it. She just wants to be near you, next to you, on you. You know that kneading thing cats do to let you know that they like you? Yeah, she does that. Are you a complete stranger? She loves you? Serial killer? She loves you, too.

Toots is an easy-going girl and gets along well with other cats.

Broadsway Purrnado of Atlastcats,
a.k.a., Miss Purr, Gravity Girl, Purrbaby
2009 RW(NE) Best Blue Classic Torbie Maine Coon of the Year
2009 IW 3rd Best Blue Classic Torbie Maine Coon of the Year

Miss Purr is a quiet girl who likes people but will have to get to know you a little first. Once she does, she will shower you with purrs. How do you think she got her name? As a kitten she loved to explore and knock things off counters (hence the “Gravity Girl” name). Now that she has matured a bit she doesn’t do that so much, but if you pull out a toy she’d love to play.

For the most part Purr gets along well with other cats. For a while Purr and Hemi decided that they were mortal enemies, but they seem to have gotten over it. I think it was because Purr borrowed Hemi’s favorite dress without asking and spilled a strawberry margarita all over it and the stain won’t come out. Or I just have no idea.

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