Meet the Honda Litter

Starry Night’s kittens sat for their photos today. Well, if you could call it sitting. It was more like running, flipping over, and turning away from the camera. If kitten butt pictures could be sold as NFTs we’d make a fortune.  Maybe as cryptocurrency? CryptoKittenButts?

Nonetheless, we got a few good pictures!

In other news, we’re pleased to report that they have mastered the litter box with almost no out-of-the-box events! This is a welcome respite, because for about a week Sarah’s litter was creating a Poopageddon (Poopnobyl?) in their room that needed constant cleaning. Thankfully they are past that stage!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Pilot (boy)

Civic (boy)

Accord (boy)

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