Fathers and Sons

Hey, how did the kid get the top bunk? Pumpkin is growing really fast. At this rate he may turn out even bigger than his dad, Fargo, who is a solid hunk of cat as it is.

Meanwhile, Noreaster and his dad, Flash, do some male bonding whilewatchin TV.


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Peas in a pod

These two are inseparable! It will be a shame to seprate them, but we are keeping the girl on the left (Dunkini) as part of our breeding program. The girl on the right (Donut) is available for adoption!

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And then there were two

One of Gevalia’s kittens faded and died a few days after being born. We’ve avoiding posting the news until now because, well, what do you say? It’s a normal thing and it happens but it’s still sad. Like most mother cats, Gevalia knew something was up before we did and began rejecting the kitten and not letting her feed. We tried keeping her going with forumula but it was no help.

Meanwhile, the two remaining girls are very, very cute. They’re just starting on some solid food and are almost able to climb out of the nest… which will make Gevalia absolutely crazy when they succeed!

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Of course Flash is comfortable

“I find the reclining spinal twist position very relaxing!” He says. “Plus, I get to air out my… Oh, never mind, don’t have those any more.”

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Pumpkin in a basket

He’s getting bigger, but not so big he can’t fit into this little basket.

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Here they are! Gevalia’s First Litter

Gevalia (aka Baby) gave birth to a litter of three bundles of fuzz very, very early this morning. Mother and the little sucklers are doing fine.

We love the little stripe on the head of this one!

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If you keep taking pictures, I will eat you! Nothing personal.

Pumpkin (no longer available for adoption, sorry!) likes having his picture taken, but after a while even he gets tired of it.

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I am kitten, hear me roar…

Pumpkin (that’s his name) is reserved for a wonderful family, but we have another litter coming in Early November.

Okay, it’s more of a sqeak than a roar at this point. But, look at him! He’s just getting up on his feet and starting to get mobile. He’s determined to start exploring…

…if his mom will let him.

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A real bruiser

He’s all tuckered out from eating and growing. (Yes, it’s a He!). With all of that milk to himself he’s growing like gangbusters, too. We love those tabby stripes!

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Behold! We have kitten!

Purrnando (aka Miss Purr’s) first litter is a small one — just one kitten. But what she lacked in quantity her first time around, she made up for in plain good looks. It’s a beautiful red tabby… ummm… kitten. It’s a little too early to know the gender for sure.

Miss Purr finally left her kitten to use the litterbox, so we were able to get good picture of the little tyke!

“Motherhood is tiring. Is it ALWAYS feeding time?”

Just minutes after birth. Hi there!

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