Squeaky Kittens

Little sausages

A few days after her kittens we born, Starry Night decided to start moving her kittens onto our bed. Well, it’s better than under the bed. Most likely she wanted to be close to us but didn’t want to leave her babies behind.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the safest place for kittens, so we had to move Starry, her kittens, and the nest to the “kitten room” just off of the bedroom sooner than planned. Luckily, we anticipated that something like this might happen so we had the room sanitized and ready to go.  Do this for more than ten years and you learn a few things, I guess.

A few days later one of the kittens (the red and white boy) started to lose weight, and despite our best efforts (he  was insistent that he did not want formula) he passed away.

The remaining five kittens are getting plump! We think they are all girls. Twice a day we weigh them to keep track of their progress. They don’t like it and they make their displeasure known in no uncertain terms, with loud squeaking! Starry is curious about what we’re doing but doesn’t seem to mind us touching her kittens on occasion. It doesn’t hurt that we bring her wet food when we weigh the kittens, so she might be a little distracted.

All of these kittens are reserved.

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