The Many Moods of Kittens

Jackie’s kittens are starting to get a little more mobile. We are fairly sure that there are three boys and two girls, but we’re going to wait a little longer to say which is which and make sure we have it right. It’s all a little fuzzy. Ha!

Meanwhile, we took the kittens out of the nest for a bit to take photos. They were squirmy and uncooperative as kittens normally are at this stage. We decided to ask them, “How do you feel about this little photography adventure?”

"I feel... chipper."

“I feel… chipper.”

"I feel... bemused."

“I feel… sleepy.”

"I feel... confused."

“I feel… determined.”

"I feel... sleepy."

“I feel… like I am never going to look right at the camera.”

"I feel... desperate."

“I feel… like I am never going to stop sniffing this fleece. What fabric softener do you use?”

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