Nums in your tums


Lily’s kittens continue to progress and are doing very well with their supplemental feedings. We haven’t had to help out many mamas like this over the years, and certainly not ones this big, so we’re learning a lot!

We feed the kittens on a schedule, but you never know if any of them just finished eating from Lily’s milk bar, so it’s a roll of the dice whether each kitten will be interested or not.  Some or more consistent than others. The blue boy, the torbie girl, and one of the reds (it varies which one) are almost always ready to chow down. The black and white girl and the silver boy are usually not hungry, but sometimes they can’t get enough.

It’s the same thing with weights. We weight the kittens twice a day to check their progress. Often some will have huge gains only to lose some of it at the next weigh-in. This is probably because they were weighed right after Lily fed them.  You never know. The rule of thumb is that if there are two losses in a row that you should take a closer look, but otherwise as long as the trend consistently up things are fine.

Meanwhile, the kittens are walking, mostly. They started out with the usual walk-swim where they walk with their front feet and drag their legs behind them, but now are starting to use all four feet and have begone to explore. They wandered off into the corner where the radio cabinet used to be, behind the stand-up mirror. This seems to be the new official nest location.

All of these kittens are reserved.

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