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I can’t see you…

…so you can’t see me. Right?

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Out of the nest… maybe

We opened the door to the nest today so the kittens could stretch their wobbly little legs. They’re maybe a little tentative expanding their horizons beyond the next and into the kitten room. One brave little one decided to take the plunge. Or maybe Mom has other ideas…

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Let me show you my belleh!

It’s me, Nutmeg! While the humans aren’t looking I figured I try out this computer thingie. Look at my belleh! It’s got kittens in it! They’re coming out in a few weeks! Uh oh, I hear them coming. Maybe they’re bringing more food! Kisses ‘n licks, – Meg

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Random acts of cuteness

So, I’m sitting in front of my laptop when one of Maybelline’s kittens jumps up on the table, drapes herself over my arm, and goes right to sleep. Now, cuteness is easy to come by around our place, what with kittens running around. But sometimes a kitten just raises the bar on cuteness to levels …

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Cats on a couch

Time for a little relaxing on the couch.  We’re just hangin’ out. Nothing to see here. Move along. (From left to right, Got Milk, Purrnado, Patottie, Blush), Tootie and Blush engage in a little mutual grooming. I’d say one hand washes the other, but it’s more like one tounge washes the other… Blush and Gevalia …

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Peas in a pod

These two are inseparable! It will be a shame to seprate them, but we are keeping the girl on the left (Dunkini) as part of our breeding program. The girl on the right (Donut) is available for adoption!

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