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Jelia Jamb is available (again)

Update: Jelia has found a new home and is no longer available! Well, we thought Jelia was spoken for, but the folks who said they wanted her seem to have fallen off the end of the Earth. That means she’s available again! Jelia is a fun girl who likes romantic dinners, sunset walks on the beach, …

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Hello… world…

Jackie gave birth to five beautiful kittens on Friday night! Also, Saturday morning, technically. She takes about an hour between kittens, just long enough to make you worry that something might be wrong… But, oh, wait, she’s pushing again and here’s another one! All of the kittens are doing well and are very, very noisy. …

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One potato, two potato, three

Those of you who follow our Facebook page may have seen that one of Pippi’s torbie kittens wasn’t doing well and we were doing our best to keep her going. Unfortunately she passed away on Monday. Today we lost one of the red boys, as well. He was nursing but never gained weight like the others, …

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Bedtime kittens

We were pretty tired last night so we decided to turn in early. Just as we were about to settle in Pippi went into labor. So much for that idea! Luckily, she is a real pro and ejected six kittens like clockwork at 20-minute intervals. Sadly, the last one was stillborn. This morning the kittens …

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Actually available

Update: Raspberry Beret has gone to his new home! Another update: Jelia Jamb is no longer available. Yet another update: Billina has gone to her new home! Things change.  People change their minds, have a family emergency, or don’t find the color kitten they’ve got their heart set on and decide to wait for another …

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We’re off to see the Wizard…

Georgette’s kittens are getting cuter by the day, especially since they’ve mastered the litter box. It was touch and go there for a while, but nothing helps your cuteness quotient like not pooping on the floor. It’s a phase kittens go through, but we’re glad it’s over! So, although we were considering names like, “Poopypants” …

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Seven-Part Harmony

Georgette’s seven little monsters are doing wonderfully. Their eyes are open and they continue to show off their vocal skills by singing in seven-part harmony whenever Georgie leaves the nest. Well, calling it harmony may be exaggerating. Come to think of it, it’s not exactly singing, either. After about a week Georgette caused a little drama …

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We’re gonna party like it’s 1999

Well maybe not. In 1999 we only had two cats. Well, Marie had two cats, I had no cats. What fun is that? Ashley’s kittens are walking around, exploring, and generally looking cute (like that is hard). Like the Bowie litter before them we decided that this would be the Prince litter! Ugh, our music …

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Georgette gave birth to seven very noisy kittens on Sunday morning (starting around 9:00AM and finishing up at 1:00PM… she took her time). All of the kittens have healthy appetites and really healthy lungs. There are times we question the wisdom of keeping the kitten nest in the bedroom. Like when we want to sleep. As you …

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A little early, but just as cute


Ashley gave birth to four beautiful kittens on Sunday afternoon, a few days earlier than expected.  Unfortunately she had to have surgery to take out the last two that didn’t survive. One of the horns of her uterus was damaged and had to be removed. Or, as the vet said, Ashley is now a “Unihorn.” …

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