Hello, Mariah!

We have a new member of our household, and we’ve named her Mariah! She comes to us from Koonstler Cattery, courtesy of Genoa Shepley and Doug Nickel. We’re excited and thankful to have her in our cat family. We know that she will make beautiful babies, and we’re especially curious to see what will happen when she and Fezzik go on a date someday (he is also a red silver).

We named her Mariah because she sang to us the entire ride from Rhode Island. She is very outgoing and curious and wants to be in your face, on your lap, or between your feet. We have to keep an eye on her because she will run between our legs and trip us up. (I jokingly call her Blunt Force Head Trauma, because someday she will succeed and I will whack my head on a table).

We managed to catch her in a rare moment when she was sitting still, so here are some pictures!

She was sleeping…

…and then we woke her.

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