Goodbye, Blush

That face.

Our girl Blush passed away last week at the age of fifteen. She was from our first litter (with Gizmo and Fargo), a litter of all red kittens (hence the name Blush. All of the kittens had names that had something to do with “red”).

Blush had a non-hereditary heart defect, aortic stenosis, which gave her one heck of a heart murmur. An expert cardiologist in New Jersey told us that she had two or three years at best, at which point she would probably just keel over. We weren’t going to make anyone else go through that grief, so we kept Blush as a pet.

Instead of keeling over she adapted, thrived, and gave us fifteen year of love. Unless you were a vet with a stethoscope to her chest you would never know she had a problem. Ironically, her heart was strong through to the end, and it was cancer that took her.

She’s a kitten!

Ready to play

Just surveying my kingdom.


I’m just going to blend in.

Oh, you see me.

Check out my tail.

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