Love is in the air

Max and Lola had some romantic dates this week, and if all goes as planned they’ll have kids around Thanksgiving.

Usually when a boy and girl mate, the boy is ready to go again right away. The girl… not so much, and she will definitely express her displeasure if he boy approaches her with amorous intent. (We’ve lectured the boys about consent, but the message never seems to stick). Eventually, the boy gets the idea and learns to give the girl her space.

Here’s Max and Lola a few minutes a few minutes after they had sexy times. As you can see, he’s learned to keep a respectful distance afterward (but he’s not letting her out of his sight, either). Once we saw Max approach Lola and she just gave him a look and he turned around, no hissing or movement required.

The waiting is the hardest part

Queen Sarah Saturday also had dates with Max when Lola wasn’t with him. (I think we heard him singing “Torn Between Two Lovers”). We don’t like to have breedings so close together, but it’s been a weird year with the girls not going into heat most of the summer, so we have to accept when the girls say it is time. Luckily, big old houses like ours have lots of rooms to keep everyone appropriately separated and unstressed. Except for us. We’ll be plenty stressed!


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