They’ve got faith of the heart

Lily’s litter has been doing very well! Since our last post about them they quickly progressed from needing formula (because Lily wasn’t giving them all quite enough milk) to eating solid food. They’re growing fast, climbing over everything, and run to greet us when we come in the room.

Thankfully, they all adapted to the using the litter box very quickly.

We put velcro collars on the three red-silver boys because we had a hard time telling them apart. As they’ve gotten older we’ve figured out which markings differentiate them, but we’ll leaving he collars for now, just to be sure.

Around when they were born we had just finished up a Star Trek: Enterprise rewatch. Since there are seven main characters and there are seven kittens in this litter, it worked out perfectly.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Jonathan Archer (boy)

T’Pol (girl)

Trip Tucker (boy)

Malcolm Reed (boy)

Travis Mayweather (boy)

Hoshi Sato (girl)

Phlox (boy)

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