The strong, silent types

Tiger Lily gave birth to four beautiful kittens on July 17th, 2023. Logan is a first-time father and is happy to confirm that he is, indeed, a fertile turtle. The kittens are doing amazingly. They are playing, climbing, eating solid food, and learned to use the litter box without a hitch.

This started out as very quiet litter, so we decided to name them after famous mimes. Chaplin (the boy) is reserved, but there are still three girls available. If you are interested in a girl, please send an email to to tell us a bit about yourself and why a girl kitten might be a good fit for you, and we’ll send you the online application.

A lot of people prefer boys to girls because they want that big Maine Coon presence, but girls have a lot going for them!  Girls still get pretty big (about 2/3-3/4 the size of a boy) and in our experience they tend to be smarter and more focused on their person (whereas boys are more generally gregarious).  We’ve also found that girls seem more likely to become lap cats.

Lorene Yarnell (girl)

Cytheris (girl)

Lenka Pichlíková-Burke (girl)

Charlie Chaplin (boy) reserved

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