We opened up the nest last week so Nikki’s kittens could start to stretch their legs. Now, normally at this age their a little tentative about leaving their safe space, but not this bunch! Within a minute they were out and roaming the room, much to Nikki’s bemusement.

The funniest thing is that as the horde came out of the nest they gathered at my feet and meeped as if I were their Great Kitten God. Sensing my benevolence they then moved on to explore the rest of the room. Sadly, they have not yet heeded my commandment that the poop goes in the box and not on the floor, but I know that understanding will come soon.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Looks safe enough.

We’re  out!

Quick! Before he changes his mind!

This way!


Kids. They grow so fast.

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Walk like an Egyptian

Jackie’s kittens are out of the nest and posing for pictures! We decided to name them after Egyptian Pharaohs and they’re ready to take over the world!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Ramesses (boy)

Cleopatra (girl)

Nefertiti (girl)

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Meanwhile, in the room next door…

Jackie’s kittens have just woken up from a nap. They are in what is technically called the “pudgemuffin phase.”

Also known as the “walking potato” phase.

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Speedy Delivery

Nikki gave birth to eight beautiful kittens in a little less than two hours this afternoon! Her grandmother, Nutmeg also delivered litters so quickly that we nicknamed her “Machine Gun Megs.” Nikki is earning a nickname of her own. Nanosecond Nikki?

All of these kittens are reserved.

Update: Unfortunately, one of the kittens passed away late in the morning of June 16th. We knew this was more of a possibility with such a large litter, but they all seemed to be doing so well that it came as a surprise.

We’re going to have fun trying to tell them apart!

No, not THAT kind of Speedy Delivery! Mr. McFeely does not deliver kittens.

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Eight is enough

Well, now we know why Nikki is as big as a house. She’s got eight kittens inside of her!

The dad, Buster, was quite proud of himself until we told him about the child support payments.

It’s crowded in there.

I have kittens in mah belleh!

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Has anyone seen our basketball?

Nikki is due mid-July, but she already looks ready to pop!

Full of kittens!

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Intruder Alert!

When I fed Jackie lunch I thought I’d take the opportunity to get a better picture of the kittens. Jackie was on the other end of the nest eating from her bowl, but every time I got my camera close to the kittens she’d rush back and we’d have a standoff, like this:

What do you want, exactly?

Eventually, Jackie left the nest to say hello to Marie on the bed and I was able to get a good picture of the little ones!

There we go!

Yes, Jackie likes to move the fleece out of the way. We put the fleece back and she pushes it away again. Rinse and repeat. We have a heating pad under the nest so at least the kittens are warm and toasty!

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Three kittens, some waiting

Jackie had three beautiful kittens this morning! It was a ten hour labor (starting around 1:00AM, of course)  but mom and babies are doing fine. Some mother’s shoot them out like a machine gun, but Jackie decided that she’d relax and enjoy the experience of delivering her last litter before she retires.

All of these kittens are reserved. It’s too soon to tell reliably what the kitten’s genders are, but we’ll update everyone when we know for sure!

Hungry babies!

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Three for Jackie

Jackie will give birth to what looks like three large kittens next week! All of these kittens are reserved,

One… Two… Three…

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Handsome boy

Diggy had a great time at the cat show in Cambridge, MA this weekend.  He especially enjoyed entertaining  the attendees. In fact, he won Spectator’s Choice First Place on Sunday!

He plans to put his good looks to use soon by wooing some of our girls and becoming a dad for the first time.

This is my heroic pose.

This is my sexy pose.

This is my casual pose.

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