Just Ducky!

Pixel gave birth to three lovely kittens on December 1st, 2023. She was a few days late, but after a visit to the vet (no c-section, just some oxytocin, thankfully) they all came out fine.

They are eating solid food, using the litter box, and climbing anything that looks climbable. They’re a very personable bunch and run up to greet us when we enter their room. We think they like us and aren’t just expecting food. That’s the story we’re going with.

Okay, we helped Pixel for the first few weeks and supplemented their diet with formula, so they might have expectations, but they just like cuddles, too.

Logan, the father, knows the deal is and admitting nothing lest Pixel comes after him for kitten support.

We named them after Donald Duck’s nephews (or in the case of Louise, his niece) because we were looking for things that come in threes and we’re pretty sure that the Musketeers have been overdone.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Huey (boy) reserved

Dewey (boy) reserved

Louise (girl) reserved

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Swiss misses and misters

Violet gave birth to five lovely kittens on August 1st, 2023. They are a couple of weeks younger than Tiger Lily’s kids, so they are still in the process of figuring out solid food and the litter box. They are growing like weeds and are VERY active.

Logan, the father, had no comment, possibly slowly realizing that he has multiple paternity suites coming his way. (He planned to blame it on Buster until we explained that he is no longer equipped to make babies).

All of these kittens are reserved.

The theme for this litter is places in Switzerland, because we spent a lovely two weeks there visiting Marie’s sister this summer. That’s one of the reasons we haven’t had many litters so far this year. We had to plan things so that kittens weren’t born or weaning while we were away, so we timed it so that no kittens would be born sooner than a week after our return.

Arctika (girl)

Bergtrotte Osterfingen (girl)

Brocki (boy) reserved

Stein am Rhein (boy) reserved

Kartause Ittingen (boy) reserved

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The strong, silent types

Tiger Lily gave birth to four beautiful kittens on July 17th, 2023. Logan is a first-time father and is happy to confirm that he is, indeed, a fertile turtle. The kittens are doing amazingly. They are playing, climbing, eating solid food, and learned to use the litter box without a hitch.

This started out as very quiet litter, so we decided to name them after famous mimes.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Lorene Yarnell (girl)

Cytheris (girl)

Lenka Pichlíková-Burke (girl)

Charlie Chaplin (boy) reserved

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Fezzik is available

UPDATE: We believe we have found a home for Fezzik. Thank you!

Fezzik is available! At three years old he has retired from breeding and is ready to be a pet in his forever home.

We love him to pieces and he is chill with our other cats, but we can only keep so many of our retired cats as pets without making it too crowded and making sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

And Fezzik loves attention! If you go away for a few days he will shower you with love when you return. And we mean “shower” literally, because he will drool all over you out of excitement. (Don’t worry, if Fez gets regular attention and love, the day-to-day experience isn’t all that moist).

Fezzik is a big, strong boy, so you should be physically capable of handling him (or have a partner to assist) when you brush him or clip his claws.

If you are interested in Fezzik, please send an email to atlastcats@gmail.com to tell us a bit about yourself and why he might be a good fit for you, and we’ll send you the online application.

Latest Cardiac Evaluation
Genetic Tests

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Logan is a Quadruple Grand Champion!

Out boy Logan has earned his TICA title as a Quadruple Grand Champion just in time for him to romance some of our girls. It could be that they were impressed by his title, but we think it was his good looks and charming personality.

Congratulations, Logan!

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Love to see them

Starry Night gave birth to three beautiful kittens the evening of February 13th. That’s close enough to use a Valentine/Love theme for their temporary names.

They are curious, playful, and a little feisty. They are also very smart! (Of course, our opinion on how smart they are is strongly influenced by how quickly they master the litter box. People talk a lot about emotional intelligence, but don’t discount the importance of poop intelligence).

All of these kittens are reserved.

Venus (girl)

Casanovette (girl)

Parvati (girl)

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Do I know you?

Buster and his grandson, Smile, look like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, except that Buster isn’t evil. Usually.

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Wakey, wakey!

“Why did you wake us?”

Tiger Lily’s kittens were napping in my seat when I wanted to sit down for lunch, so I had wake them.

They were not pleased with me.

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Her name is Lola, and she has kittens

It’s another Weekend in New England, and Loa’s kittens are doing great. Even Now, after a tiring photography session they are as rambunctious as ever, and It’s a Miracle that we got any good pictures at all. Fezzik, the father, is Ready to Take a Chance Again with Lola, but this is her last litter and she is not interested in Tryin’ to Get the Feeling Again. Sure, she’s a Flashy Lady and once they sang with One Voice, but now he’s just Some Kind of Friend.

Lola was named after the character in the song “Copacabana” (Her name was Lola, she was a show cat). We thought it only fitting that her last litter be named after some Barry Manilow songs (which may also explain that first paragraph if you haven’t figured it out already).

All of these kittens are reserved.

Copacabana (boy)

I Can’t Smile Without You (boy) – Smile for short

Mandy (girl)

I Write the Songs (boy) – Songs for short

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The Windy Litter blows into town

Lilly’s kittens are doing great! They’re eating solid food and easily mastered the litter box. Early on they did some amazing stunts that led to questions like, “How did they get a turd THERE?” Thankfully, they’ve settled into a more normal location.

The kittens were born on a windy night, so we decided name them after winds from around the world. True to their names, you can almost feel the breeze as they zoom around the room.

The smallest of the litter, Briza, is thriving. She isn’t as big as the boys, but that’s normal for a girl.

All of these kittens are reserved. 

Levanto (boy)

Briza (girl)

Pampero (boy)

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