Dec 02 2017

Monster Kittens Destroy Tokyo!

Every litter of kittens has milestones for which we watch. Walking. Eating solid food. Climbing on the chair. Pooping IN the litter box. Stuff like that. Fiona’s kittens are progressing  very well, indeed. The pooping OUTSIDE the box phase was amazingly short, and they seemed go from walking to climbing very quickly.

They’ve also taken to running toward the door when it opens to see what is beyond the kitten nursery, but thus far we’ve proven ourselves to be faster and smarter than kittens. For now.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Gamera (girl)

Godzilla (boy)

Rodan (boy)

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Oct 17 2017

Little Monsters

Fiona gave birth to four huge kittens today! What they lack in quantity they make up for in sheer mass.  Mother and kids are doing well. More pictures and updates to come!

Update 10/2/17: Unfortunately we lost one of the kittens last night. One of them wasn’t gaining weight as fast as the others and last night Fiona had pushed him to the back of the nest (never a good sign).  He was cold and we tried to warm him up but within an hour he stopped breathing. We know this happens sometimes but you never get used to it.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Four big kittens!

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Oct 13 2017

Twice as good

Fiona will give birth to four kittens next week!

The first time that Fiona and Buster mated in 2016 they only had two kittens (Yin and Yang). We were worried that either Fiona was winding down her time as a mom or Buster’s swimmers weren’t working. However, it was his first time so maybe he wasn’t quite ready yet (and he has since proven himself to be quite adept at becoming a dad).

We’re happy to see that this time around they’re having twice as many!  This is probably Fiona’s last litter so we’re glad she’s going out on a high note.

Two of these kittens are reserved.

Four skulls!

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Oct 04 2017

Like little pooping stars in the sky

When Starry Night gave birth to a big litter of kittens it reminded us of a constellation (because she’s a star and now there are a lot of stars and… oh, never mind). Anyway, we decided to name the kittens after constellations (and being us we had to pick mostly obscure ones).

The kittens are running around, learning how to use the litter boxes, and succeeding much of the time. It’s a process. By the time they get their first vaccinations they’ll be experts.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Orion (boy)

Draco (boy)

Cassiopeia (girl)

Corvus (boy)

Dorado (boy)

Octans (boy)

Volans (boy)

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Oct 04 2017


Thanks to Marikoons Maine Coons for allowing this beautiful girl Eureka to join our household. Eureka will spend some exciting weekends on the cat show circuit (alongside Lola and Diggy) until she’s old enough to make babies.

As you can see from the pictures below Eureka is still full of kitten energy. She is super-outgoing, purrs just because she’s near you, and is kinetically excited when you enter the room. Eventually she’ll nestle into your lap. Or on your head. It depends. We’re glad to have her and hope that she’ll pass these qualities on to her kids.


She’s enthusiastic!

She’s active!


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Sep 25 2017

The Eclipse litter has their day in the sun

Update: Umbra is a girl!

What did the sun say when the moon leaned in for a kiss?

Eeek! Lips!!

That will also be Marie’s reaction to me for the rest of the week now that I’ve made that joke.

Because Nikki and Starry had their litter’s so close together people putting down deposits are choosing from both litters. So while we can’t say for certain if all of Nikki’s kittens are reserved, we can say that 9 of the 12 kittens in the combined litters are reserved. Make sense? I hope so!

Meanwhile, here are picture’s of Nikki’s kittens (Starry’s coming soon!):

Al of these kittens are reserved.

Umbra (boy)

Saros (boy)

Corona (boy)

Solar (boy)

Lunar (boy)


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Sep 20 2017

Alexis is available!

Update: Alexis has gone to her forever home!

Every once in a while a kitten needs a few more weeks with us to become properly socialized. Maybe they were lowest kitten on the totem pole and once the other kittens are gone they blossom. That’s our Alexis! Now that all of Georgette and Jackie’s kittens have gone to their new homes (except for Diggy, who we’re keeping) she has really come into her own. She is very playful and once she gets to know you she will gladly accept your belly rubs and purr with appreciation.

If you’re interested in Alexis please fill out our placement application.

Big stretch!

You may pet me now!

This is my spot!

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Sep 18 2017

Her name was Lola…

…she was a show cat. Or she will be, anyway (and mother to future kittens!).

Thanks to GGLegacy Maine Coon Cattery for allowing us to add Lola to our home!  She is a lovely and outgoing girl who is very active, purrs like crazy, and has a chirp that sounds like a squeaky toy. It is super cute!

What was that sound?


Okay, one more picture! But it will be blurry!

Told ya!

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Sep 04 2017

The mouth that moves

The kittens keep growing! Nikki’s kids are getting mobile and have started trying to explore outside the nest (though you wouldn’t know it from the picture below). We’ve adjusted things so they can’t get out of nest just yet (it’s a little too soon) but before we know it they’ll be scampering around like crazy.

Nikki’s kids: Getting plump!

Meanwhile, Starry is dealing well with the Suckling Seven. They are very hungry, so Starry is very hungry. She will polish off every plate of wet food we put in front of her, so much so that we’ve nicknamed her, “The mouth that moves” or “Miss Mouth” for short.

Please… help… me…

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Aug 29 2017

A constellation of kittens

Starry Night gave birth to eight beautiful kittens today!  We were only expecting six or seven so #8 was a welcome surprise.

The kittens are doing great, though the sound of eight simultaneous sucklers might keep us awake tonight. Starry is naturally protective of her kids but welcomes a chin rub or any opportunity to eat.

Update: One of the kittens didn’t make it after a few days. All of the others are doing fine. Starry was pushing her away from the others and she wasn’t gaining weight. We kept her warm and supplemented her feeding but it didn’t help. We know this happens sometimes, but it saddens us nonetheless.


Buster, the father, has become rather accustomed to his success as a mate. “The ladies love The Buster,” he said, winking as he passed out catnip cigars.

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