Some introductions are in order…

We’ve been remiss in introducing some of the new denizens of our household! Please welcome…


Hollywood (Holly, for short) comes to us from Purrcificoon in California (hence the name). Okay, she’s actually from San Diego, but from New Hampshire they seem pretty close to each other, right? Among her other talents, Holly loves to fetch rabbit-fur toys, making her request for play by dropping a toy in front of you. As a torbie she was strongly opposed to getting a bath before cat shows, so instead of going to shows she is going to hang out at home and wait for the right boy to woo her.


Mycroft comes to us from Rubicoons in the great state of Maine.  He’s a very playful kitten and extremely talkative. Right now his chirps are kind of high pitched so he almost sounds like a girl in heat, but we’re sure that as he matures his register will lower so he can sing to the girls like Barry White.


Charli is the son of Logan and Tiger Lily. He is a sweet boy and earned his Grand Champion title in his first cat show as an adult. However, he truly didn’t enjoy the process of showing (he was gentle with the judges, just obviously scared). We aren’t ones to force a cat into the show life if they aren’t suited for it, so despite his potential for greater things we’ve retired him from the show circuit so he can concentrate on romancing some ladies.

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