Just Ducky!

Pixel gave birth to three lovely kittens on December 1st, 2023. She was a few days late, but after a visit to the vet (no c-section, just some oxytocin, thankfully) they all came out fine.

They are eating solid food, using the litter box, and climbing anything that looks climbable. They’re a very personable bunch and run up to greet us when we enter their room. We think they like us and aren’t just expecting food. That’s the story we’re going with.

Okay, we helped Pixel for the first few weeks and supplemented their diet with formula, so they might have expectations, but they just like cuddles, too.

Logan, the father, knows the deal is and admitting nothing lest Pixel comes after him for kitten support.

We named them after Donald Duck’s nephews (or in the case of Louise, his niece) because we were looking for things that come in threes and we’re pretty sure that the Musketeers have been overdone.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Huey (boy) reserved

Dewey (boy) reserved

Louise (girl) reserved

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