Tropicana is available!

Update: Tropicana has found her forever home!

Tropicana is an energetic 6-month-old girl who also likes to curl up in a lap. That is, when she isn’t playing with anything (or anyone) available. You know how kittens can be. One minute they’re napping and looking super-cute and the next minute you’re laughing because they got a case of the zoomies.

If you’re interested in Tropicana, please send an email to and tell us a bit about yourself and your household, and if it seems like you’re a good match with Tropicana we’ll send you our online application.

Just chillin’.

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Goodbye, Hemi


Yesterday we said goodbye to our 17 year old Hemi, a black and white shorthair cat. She came to us in early 2005 as a kitten from a rescue when we still lived in Connecticut. She preceded our cattery and our first two Maine Coons, Fargo and Flash. She was the exercise enforcer for the early period of her life, ensuring all the cats and kittens got plenty of exercise running around the condo. She was initially scared of men, even Chris. By the time she was 10 she finally became comfortable with him. We assumed she had been abused before we got her.

In her second decade she developed arthritis in her spine and began to slow down. Last summer she was diagnosed with kidney failure and not long after a growth, probably cancer, was found in her lungs. At that time we were told she had at best a few months to live. We were lucky to have another 9 months with her. This past weekend she started to have problems breathing, so it is likely the lung tumor had grown. She was a love to the end, even purring when it was hard for her to do so. Her passing is so very hard for us and she is missed.

In the last two pictures she is looking at the sheep on our lawn that escaped from their pen across the street.

Merry Christmas!

Rub my belly!

This laptop is nice and warm. You didn’t need it for anything, did you?

Are those sheep in the front porch?

Are they goof for eating?

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One for Nikki

Darling Nikki had a single boy kitten on February 27th in what is probably her last litter.  He’s just starting to walk and is growing fast (but then, he is getting all that milk to himself).

Fezzik, the father had no comment other than that he’d like to try again, if only to prove his virility. We’ve told him that based on his past performance that we have complete confidence in him. But for him it’s a matter of pride. Or he’s just a horndog.

This kitten is reserved.

We woke him up for this picture

He’s a cutie

Back to sleep

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Buster was just getting in his pre-breakfast nap. He looks like he’s had a terrible accident, but this is what he considers comfortable.  Must… not… rub… the… belleh….

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The Cat Pack hits Vegas

Lola’s kittens are growing like crazy and are doing well. They have met the litter box and so far they’ve been using it. Smart kids! Overall they’re just a very active and curious bunch.

When the kittens were a few weeks old, Lola moved them from the nest to a spot near the door to the next room. Fezzik, the father, was on the other side of the door. After much consideration we decided that she wanted her children to have a relationship with their father. Fezzik, for his part, would have loved to be be in the same room with them, but his priority was more likely to make more kittens (too soon!), not to meet the existing ones.

He’s such a player. Love ’em. Leave ’em. Love ’em again.

Anyway, we’re not gamblers, but we decided on a Casino theme for this litter because, “Her name was Lola, she was a show cat…” Okay, the Copacabana was in New York, but Las Vegas is where you expect to see show girls.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Tropicana (girl)

Bellagio (boy)

Stardust (girl)

Mirage (girl)

Excalibur (boy)

Luxor (boy)

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Meet the Honda Litter

Starry Night’s kittens sat for their photos today. Well, if you could call it sitting. It was more like running, flipping over, and turning away from the camera. If kitten butt pictures could be sold as NFTs we’d make a fortune.  Maybe as cryptocurrency? CryptoKittenButts?

Nonetheless, we got a few good pictures!

In other news, we’re pleased to report that they have mastered the litter box with almost no out-of-the-box events! This is a welcome respite, because for about a week Sarah’s litter was creating a Poopageddon (Poopnobyl?) in their room that needed constant cleaning. Thankfully they are past that stage!

All of these kittens are reserved.

Pilot (boy)

Civic (boy)

Accord (boy)

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The Long Delivery

Six little spuds

Lola gave birth to six healthy kittens on January 5th. It was a long, six hour labor, but thankfully she decided to pop them out during the day. All of the kittens are eating well and growing like crazy. We had to switch them to a bigger nest today because they’re just so chunky and mobile.

Fezzik, the father, is proud to have sired twice as many kittens as his first go-around as a stud (with Starry Night). He’s strutting around like he expects to father twelve next time, but for his next girlfriend’s sake we hope he isn’t THAT virile.

All of these kittens are reserved. 

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Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Hungry babies!

Starry Night gave birth to three beautiful kittens on December 14th. Fezzik, the father, is very proud and ready to go on another date with Starry as soon as she is ready (in a year).

It was quite the dramatic night (and morning). Starry was in labor for an hour, but no kittens were coming out. She seemed to be anxious and since we knew the kittens were big we were concerned that the first one might be stuck. We made the decision to take her to the emergency vet, and set out a bit before midnight. Marie was in the back seat watching Starry, just in case she decided to give birth on the way. And at about 12:15AM, that’s exactly what she did!

I pulled over so Marie could tie off the umbilical cord, and then we headed home. Starry gave birth to the second kitten a few minutes after we got home. She took a long time to deliver the third kitten, but it finally appeared around 2:30AM.

We’ve had some easy deliveries the last few times, so I guess we were due! Since the first kitten was born in a Honda the leading contenders for names are ones like Accord, Civic, Prelude, Pilot, Fit. I suppose we could name a kitten CR-V, but that would be weird.

The kittens are all doing well, eating a lot, and growing very fast.

All of these kittens are reserved.

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That’s a Dam Nice Litter

I approve of this liquid refreshment.

We’ve named Sara’s litter after famous dams around the world. Why, you might ask? Well, around our house Queen Sara Saturday is also known  as the Water Commissioner. Whenever it’s time to change out the water, Sara will plant herself next to the bowl and paw at us as we take it away and put it back. Apparently this water replacement activity was not approved, she’ll have you know!

We thought of naming the kittens after rivers or oceans, but finally we decided on dams.

Anyway, that’s the backstory. Here are the kittens! They are all walking and eating solid food. They have not quite mastered the litter box yet, but they’re getting there. They’re very big into purring when we pick them up, and they are curious about everything. As I sat on the floor and photographed each kitten there were another three or four crawling all over me.

All of these kittens are reserved.

Oroville (boy)

Hoover (boy)

Garrison (boy)

Aswan (boy)

Samara (girl)

Cochiti (girl)

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Six for Sara

Happy (if protective) mama

Queen Sara Saturday gave birth to six large, healthy kittens on November 26th (the day after Thanksgiving).  They are growing impressively fast. Seriously, we weigh them twice a day and we’re pretty astounded at the numbers.

We believe that there are four boys and two girls. All of these kittens are reserved and we will be contacting the lucky adoptive parents soon.

After getting the news that Sara was definitely pregnant, Maximus (the father), arranged to be neutered and moved to his forever home in Maine, no doubt to avoid making kitten support payments. As if he couldn’t tracked down over state lines. But he’s always been a lover, not a scholar.

Getting chubby!

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